About Hissarya

Hisarya is favored by its geographical location – it is situated in central Bulgaria, disposes of hot mineral springs and fresh air, many parks and gardens full of venerable trees and dozens of plants and flowers, a town of no industrial eneterprisesm which makes it the perfect holiday place. The combination of superb climate, thermos mineral habitat and cultural and historical heritage make the town and the region queer core of attraction for medication and respite. High quality tourist packs are offered here all the year round, based on the diversity , uniqueness and authenticity of the cultural and natural heritage. These factors are the landmark of the development of the town as attractive tourist resort. Winter here is soft and mild, due to the influence of the warm south winds trapped by Old mountain /Stara planina/ and the hills of Middle forest /Sredna gora/. Spring comes early and is relatively warm. Summer is known with its hot temperatures in July and August, low humidity and weak winds. Autumn is sunny, warm and quiet.

Mineral springs – there are 22 springs gush forth on the territory of the resort, situated in a small region, having different physical – chemical indexes and temperature that varies between 41˚ and 52˚C. This fact isunique not only for Bulgaria but also for the whole world. All waters have low mineralization, hydrocarbon – sulphate – sodium characteristics, with high alkaline reaction and low hardness, pure colorless and with pleasant taste. The mineral waters of the resort are used for efficient treatment of kidney, biliary, urological, stomach and liver diseases and ailment of the locomotory system. Very good results are seen with patients with renal calculus and after surgery status, chronic pyelonephritis. There are positive results with patients suffering from urinary infection of the bladder and other urinary paths, diabetes complications, digestive system, advanced form of neurosclerosis, gout, etc. Good results are also found with patients suffering from chronic gastritis, extinguish of ulcer damage of the abdomen or duodenal mucosa, after surgery abdomen and duodenum ulcer, etc, epidemic jaundice conditions, biliary paths diseases, renal calculus, chronic pancreatitis, etc. Additional indications /ailments, accompanying the main one under the profile of the resort/ - obesity, gout, diabetes, chronic joint diseases, post traumatic status of the locomotory system, diseases of the peripheralneuro system, gynecological diseases, etc. The hydro – mineral reserves of the resort are quite big- 62.10 l./sec. and in view of quality they are evidently equal. They all join the group of low mineralized thermal waters – waters having mineralization lower than 1 mg/l. The water sources in the vicinity are drilling and damning. The depth of the drilling is between 300 and 600 m., and the damning between 4 and 32 m.