Certificates & Awards


Hotel "Hissar" was declared the best in the category "Medical Spa complex" 2009 competition organized by the Bulgarian Association for Balneology and Spa Tourism. The results were announced on 16.06.2010g in Pravets. It fought in the category of serious competitors. "Medical Spa" is a new trend in the hotel industry, which not only provides recreation for people, but also treatment, prevention and rehabilitation, said Dr. Alexander Alexandrov, who is chief physician at the hotel "Hissar ". At the base successfully held the treatment of gastrointestinal and renal and urological diseases and treat injuries of the musculoskeletal system. "Desensitizing people with mineral water by bubble baths, physiotherapy and manual therapy - massage, gymnastics and others," said Dr. Alexandrov. The hotel also has facilities for active recreation - minifutbolno course, swimming pools, tennis courts, billiards and bowling.

"Hisar" Hotel has 166 rooms and is active year-round. "Our main guests are Bulgarians, but also come Russians, Israelis, Greeks, Turks, Romanians, Scandinavians," said Governor complexity - Nikolay Krushovski.


Spa Manager 2012

Spa Manager 2012 g.- Mr. Nikolay Krushovski general manager of the hotel "Hissar"

This year the hotel "Hissar" was nominated in the annual awards for professional catering and marketing practices. The general manager of the complex, Mr. Nikolay Krushovski received the prestigious award in the category "Spa Manager 2012."

On December 4, 2012 Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA) presented in "Grand Hotel Sofia" for the 16th time its annual awards for professional achievements in the field of hotel and restaurant management. Since 1996. BHRA selects the winners of the most prestigious and long-standing awards in tourism, which are part of the most successful entrepreneurship.

Among the guests at the ceremony attended by Deputy Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism Ivo Marinov, representatives of municipalities, partners BHRA of tourist organizations, business partners, members of the association, leading managers and owners of tourism, representatives of the national media.