15 Tips when traveling with kids, Part II


Continued from Part I ...

7. Car seat or not?

Some people find it very convenient, others think it is crazy to take such a big item for the short time it will be used for. They require extra space during the flight and are rather bulky, but then you are sure that the child will be comfortable in the car. If you plan on taking one, it might be worth investing in a quality seat

8. Prepare your luggage wisely

The baby bag is considered yours, so make sure you have everything you need (it might be useful to consider possible flight delays): baby wipes; spare pacifiers; diapers; small snacks (but not full of sugar) and still worth a few candies to help with the change of pressure during take-off and landing); changing clothes; plastic bags (for diapers and in case the clothes are very dirty); headphones; toys, a pillow; extra batteries and chargers; a tablet and lots of baby wipes.

If there is room left for your stuff, fill it with baby wipes - you will need them.

9. Packing baby food

Many airports will allow baby milk and baby food to pass the security check in containers over 100ml. Usually they open the containers to check the contents, but it only takes a few minutes and this does not pollute the food in any way. It is worth checking out the airports you are going to travel through just to be sure.

10. Plan your flights

Try to book evening flights. Evening flights can be more expensive, but if easiness is what you are looking for, a sleeping child is a blessing for all. If you have a connecting flight, be sure to leave enough time - the last thing you need is crazy running around an unfamiliar airport.

Try as much as possible to make the trip part of the vacation. Give yourself a few hours, stretch your legs, go to the toilet, eat, talk, play and get ready for the next flight. And do not forget that the best option for cheap tickets is to book them at least 2 months in advance.

11. Explore your destination

If you are breastfeeding, it is worth checking out on Google whether breastfeeding in public places is allowed, wherever you are. Some countries are totally ok with that, others require you to be more private. If in doubt, when you're there, just ask.

Expect more tips very soon in Part III.