3 good reasons to go to SPA this winter


Which team do you support? Pro-winter or anti-winter? The SPA center has something for everyone, especially for people who like to be warm. Just relax and you will fall in love with the magical and warm interior of Hotel “Hissar” during the cold winter months. Here are three excellent reasons to go for a SPA retreat this winter!

1. To be at peace with the winter

We are lucky that we have all four seasons. However, for people who prefer warm weather, it may be difficult to enjoy the winter. Do not worry, the SPA center is for you! It is worthwhile to come and try it out.

Dressed in a bathrobe and with a hat that covers your ears, you can go to the hot jacuzzi outside and enjoy it while you are warming up. Being there, the winter landscape will be in front of you, as will the clean air that will bite your cheeks, while the warmth of the water relaxes your body. You're not even cold. Unbelievable, is not it? You can continue your outdoor winter adventure in the recreation park next to the pool. Or get comfortable in the SPA – just close your eyes, and everything will be fine.

Then go out to eat at “Prestige” or “Panorama” Restaurant on the top floor to try delicious cuisine and a good selection of wines served in an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Thanks to the SPA you will be at peace with the winter.

2. To warm up

If you need to warm up, this is where you have to go! Hotel “Hissar” offers a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, a small swimming pool with hot mineral water and is situated in close proximity to the indoor swimming pool - it is used free of charge for the guests in the standard part of the hotel.

The Delux SPA includes a wide range of services: infrared sauna, Roman bath, ice room, kneipp path, adventure showers, shock shower, small pool with hot mineral water, heated lounges, relax zone. Halls have their own unique architecture, inspiration, materials, layout, heat source, and temperature. Each one creates a specific climate in a specific environment. The temperature of the sauna can reach 100 ° C. Enjoy! You have never been so warm in the middle of winter.

This is the first step in the thermal therapy that promotes wellness and relaxation. In the sauna your body stores heat, expands its pores, clears toxins and stimulates the immune system. This is the ideal way to protect yourself from viruses and microbes in the winter. Stay at least for 8-10 minutes for maximum effect. Continue the thermal therapy by going outdoors or diving into one of our pools. Then head for a comfortable resting place for about 20 minutes. You will feel an unusually favorable feeling. Get warm in the sauna this winter!

3. To escape from everyday life

The season of getting cozy on the couch as a cocoon is in full swing. Every day is the same. Your daily routine is well established, and it is difficult, and even impossible to imagine, making a change in the middle of the week. You have homework, drawing lessons, and fitness practice. Outside it's cold and dark. This is the perfect time to stay home.

However, it is helpful to get rid of your routine and pamper yourself with a relaxing evening at the SPA. It's just a matter of organization. Pack your bag in the evening so that you can head to the winter paradise in Hisarya immediately after work. That's the secret! From the moment of your arrival you will be our care and you will not think of anything else. Absorb the relaxing atmosphere, the gentle lights, the snowy nature, the hot baths, the friendly places for relaxation and the aromas of essential oils. The setting is made to help you relax fully. You are in the midst of a warm and magical winter atmosphere, ideal for relaxation and meditation.

Just a short distance from Plovdiv, you are in a completely different world and it is perfect as it is. This winter simply escape to the SPA center alone, with your loved one, or with friends. Break your regimen - this is a good way to survive until the spring!

Plan your trip

To make the most of your escape at the SPA center in the winter, bring a warm hat, a book, a lip balm, bathing suit, moisturizing cosmetics and flip flops. All these things can be purchased at the hotel and are available on site. You can bring a back-up swimsuit to have choice on the different days of your stay. This is just a suggestion: do what you actually need!

Break your routine to get warm and relax in the coming weeks. This is an excellent way to make friends with the winter. Say "yes" to the SPA retreat during the winter season!