Beautiful feet in the summer, Part I


Summer is in full swing, but before you put your feet in your favorite pair of sandals, be sure to prepare them properly for the season just as you do for the rest of your body (because no one wants to see yellow nails, blisters and dry, calloused heels!).

From walking barefoot on the beach to wearing the most open sandals around town, your feet are always on display when the sun is on. That is why we have compiled some of the most common tips for beautiful feet and the best solutions to common problems.

Dry, cracked heels

As cute as summer sandals and flip-flops look, they do not offer good foot support. The result is hardened, dry heels made up of several layers of dead skin.

The solution? Invest in a good, nourishing moisturizer that will penetrate the skin barrier and moisturize at a deeper level. Apply in the evening all summer long to keep your heels soft and beautiful!

Blisters and sunburnt toes

When it comes to applying sunscreen, many of us forget to include our toes and then find ourselves with aesthetic blisters of sunburn, which certainly hurt when immersed in water. To avoid this, be sure your sunscreen is at least SPF30 and remember to apply it regularly throughout the day from head to toe

Painful calluses

The calluses are those nasty bumps that form to protect your feet when the shoes rub up into your skin and can usually be found on the thumb, back of the heel, bottom and sides of the feet.

To get rid of that, use a foot file and gently smooth already hardened calluses, preferably under the shower, because then they soften a little and it is easier.

And to prevent calluses from occurring in the first place, be sure to invest in nice quality shoes that fit your feet well, and wear socks whenever possible to reduce friction.

You will find the rest of the tips in Part II.