Beautiful Feet in the Summer, Part II


Continued from Part I.

Fragile yellow nails

Although there are several reasons for nail yellowing, one of the leading causes is the excessive use of nail polish. But that doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to your favorite bright summer nails this summer, instead try a pedicure with gel polish that lasts much longer.

This way you will spend more time sipping on a fresh cocktail than taking care of another broken nail. Plus, you'll be less worried about wearing your new open-toe sandals at all the summer events you're invited to.

Sweaty, swollen feet

When it is very warm outside, the result is sometimes swollen feet, also known as oedema. Swollen legs and ankles appear when excess heat in the body causes the blood vessels to expand, allowing the fluids to flow into the surrounding tissues.

In order for this not to happen, you need to increase your blood circulation and relax your tight muscles. This is easily achieved with full-body massages that focus on relaxation from head to toe, ensuring your feet feel more relaxed and gentle than ever.

Unpleasant odor

With the summer sun, sweat comes, and with sweat come stinky feet, but luckily this problem is easy to solve!

The feet start to smell when they are in shoes and socks that are not breathable. Bacteria develop in sweat, which in turn leads to an odor that is far from desired. To prevent this odor, be sure to keep your feet dry and try not to wear the same pair of shoes for two days in a row (to give the shoes a chance to dry). Wash your feet daily, making sure they are well dried afterwards.

Keeping your feet in tip-top shape in the summer will not only make you look phenomenal while resting at the poolside, but you can also be sure that your feet are in good health and the risk of developing various infections is reduced.

To prepare your feet this season in the most relaxing way possible, pamper yourself with a pedicure at the Spa Hotel “Hissar”, which will leave you with feet suitable for a summer podium!