Popular types of massages, Part II


Continued from Part I.

4. Thai Massage: Described as an active form of massage, this popular technique includes aspects of yoga, stretching, and rhythmic compression as the therapist manipulates and moves the body of the person into different positions. It helps to improve the flexibility and range of body movement. Today, a synthesized approach based on practices from many countries over the centuries has been used.

5. Prenatal massage: Given that the body of the future mother undergoes major changes in both the skeleton and the blood stream, this massage provides a safe therapeutic effect through gentle and specialized techniques that avoids any strain. It can also help overcome the many troubles of pregnancy - some slightly annoying and some painful.

6. Shiatsu: A type of Japanese massage, this technique uses the manipulation of pressure points to promote the right flow of energy and restore balance in the body. This form of massage is based on the concept that the body has channels or meridians that are believed to be associated with the emotional and spiritual qualities of specific parts of the body to which they are named. It is known that this practice promotes digestion.

7. Reflexology: With roots in ancient healing traditions, this technique is based on the idea that the individual areas of the body are connected. The masseur can activate the connections between these parts to correct or stimulate the flow of energy, thus restoring harmony and eliminating the symptoms of pain and tension.

No matter which style of massage you like, each of them will work well and relieve stress, tension and anxiety in everyday life. Come to SPA Hotel “Hissar”, where you can find different types of massages and enjoy them in the atmosphere of our well-equipped massage cabinets.