Sauna in the summer


That sounds hot, right? We understand you - you might be wondering why someone would think of increasing even more the unpleasant summer heat by using a sauna. But here at Hotel “Hissar” we can assure you that the sauna is pleasant no matter what time of the year you use it.

Here are some good reasons to try it:


Saunas are very useful because they help the body get rid of the toxins we are exposed to in our everyday life. Just 15-20 minutes a day in the sauna are enough to open the pores, allowing the infrared heat to penetrate deep into the skin and to get the toxins out, and through sweating all of this dirt comes out. This in turn strengthens the immune system.

Weight control

The heat in the sauna helps you burn calories - mainly by sweating. After the sauna, take a cold shower or swim. When you make this rapid change from hot to cold, your heart rate increases, but up to 60%, and thus imitates the effect that a moderate workout has on the body.

Heart Health

Speaking of heart rate, daily use of sauna also improves cardiovascular and respiratory function. The warmth of the sauna increases the internal body temperature, helping the blood vessels to expand, thus improving the blood flow of the body (part of the reason why the sauna helps with inflammation).

Pain in muscles and joints

Heat also reduces inflammation in the joints and muscles, it helps relieve daily stress and tension, as well as various chronic pains. Heat in the sauna also helps to release endorphins that can distract the body from its soreness.

Better sleep

The temperature of our bodies decreases when we sleep and when the body is fully relaxed. When you go to the sauna just before bedtime and increase your body temperature, once you go out, your body temperature drops down faster. This helps you to fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep all night long.

Although you may not consider the sauna as a pleasant activity during the summer, it is obvious that it can be very useful and be an enjoyable experience, no matter in which season you use it.