SPA is for Men Too! Part I


Finding some time to focus on yourself can seem impossible for both men and women. However, everyone deserves some time to indulge and pamper themselves, and the SPA center is one of the best places to get out of it all and refresh your body.

More often than not, more men are realizing the importance of looking good and feeling well, and many view SPA treatments as less of an indulgence and more of a necessity for health.

Although we often rush to accept that one day at the SPA is a women's activity, this is certainly not the case. Men have been using SPAs for decades, centuries, even for the same reasons as women - to look and feel good.

Men have always visited the SPA

Both men and women have been visiting SPA places for ages - the idea is certainly nothing new. In fact, SPA treatments are one of the oldest practices known to mankind. From the Romans to the ancient Byzantines, people have always appreciated balneological procedures for their health.

The idea that SPA is only for women is more of a modern concept, and this is something that is beginning to change as men of all ages book treatment procedures and make their appearance a priority.

What treatments can men at the SPA benefit from?

The SPA treatments for men, such as those offered at Hotel “Hissar”, are designed for active men and allow you to fully pamper yourself.

From facials and manicures to body waxing, they are designed to give you the comfort and relaxation to look your best… the services you choose depend entirely on you.

Waxing for Men

As all male athletes will tell you, waxing is a safe and reliable way to remove body hair, and as a method of hair removal, is far less annoying than shaving or trimming, even though it is more painful. In addition, the effect of a waxing lasts much longer, and no ugly rashes or small hairs remain!