Tips when traveling with kids, Part I


Whether it's your first trip with your first child or the third one with your third child, the traveling with kids will always seem frightening. From what to pack in the luggage, to how to get to the final destination, everything is filled with potential concerns.

The good news is that we have several tips that can help you prepare and save yourself a lot of nerves. In this article, we have chosen appropriate travel tips when traveling with children - some of them for babies, some for older children and some are for you.

1. Just do it!

While the idea of ​​traveling with children can be a bit startling, the most important thing to remember is that it will end. You'll get there. You will survive, we promise you!

2. Do not hurry

Maybe you are used to hurry up for the plane and at the airport using all the secret shortcuts, but this is impossible when you are with children. Sit down, relax and just let it go. There is no point in rushing unnecessarily, just enjoy every moment.

3. Do not pack the whole house with you

Remember, almost everything can be bought at the store. It may not be the brand you use, but it will do the job. Pampers are often Problem Number 1, as it is sometimes difficult to find 100% ecological. If you are used to using eco products, do a non-eco product test before you go to see if your child will have any unpleasant reaction.

4. Mark them and track them

If you are worried that you might lose your child, you can mark it by writing down your name and your phone number on its hand. Thus, when it is found, they can easily contact you. You can also buy a GPS tracking device. Attach it to your child's wrist or backpack, and then follow it via the app.

5. Pool or Sea?

Even if you plan to stay by the beach, you can check whether there is a swimming pool, or go straight to Hotel “Hissar” - why go so far to the sea? Many kids love the sea, but there are also many who are afraid or do not enjoy it. The pool is ideal for small kids to play in it, cool down and get tired.

6. A baby stroller or a sling?

This is a common dilemma when traveling with children and there is no easy answer. It depends largely on where you are going. Are the streets equal, paved, or there are huge holes, or there is an off-road section? Will it be very humid or rather cool? What does your child love?

The best solution is to take the summer stroller. They are easy to carry and can be used as a temporary bed for afternoon napping; light and breathable, but can be isolated with blankets and raincoats, and they are perfect for almost any terrain.

You may expect the second part of the article very soon!