What to do when the weather is bad on a holiday


Maybe you feel like you're the only person on Earth who's terrified of bad weather when you are on a holiday, but you're not. On the contrary, the chances of at least a few rainy days in the two-week summer vacation are actually quite high.

As far as this can be a problem, you should not turn it as if it is the end of the world. Not only is it quite possible to survive the awkward bad weather day but try to be proactive to things and just enjoy them!

Here are some helpful tips to support you get the most of bad weather:

1. First of all, why not spend the rainy day doing something that would make you wet anyway? Swim in the pool, dive in, or just lie down on an airbed in the water - you'd still get wet, so why does the rain have any significance?

2. Do not forget that there is always the possibility of doing nothing. Being lazy as much as possible, every single day is great, but what about really delighting yourself - such as breakfast in bed, lunch in pajamas, and dinner on the balcony? You are here to have a rest, so do it properly!

3. Indulge in using your favorite mobile apps and enjoy the antisocial pleasures of modern technology.

4. Organize a trip ... almost anywhere it may not rain. You may find that you literally have to travel about 30 minutes in any direction to escape the bad weather. So, feel free to take advantage of the opportunity to spread your wings and explore the area nearby.

5. Use the bad weather as the perfect excuse to take care of yourself by indulging in the cherished SPA package you have dreamed of for a while. After all, there is nothing else to fill your time ... right?

6. If you have to do something very boring, but it is necessary to do it, do not forget to plan it for a day when the weather is not good. From a heavy workout in the gym, to writing postcards to people you would not normally talk to, these are the types of things you can do when it's dark and grim outside.

7. Speaking of grim, cheer yourself up even in the worst weather by asking someone from the office to send you a picture in real time. Soon you will realize that there are much worse places to be at that moment!

8. Stand up against the bad weather, take your sunglasses and go down to the pool in the pouring rain. This is not only therapeutic, but also quite fun. Well, there will surely be a lot of people who will laugh at you, but do not pay attention to them.

9. Shopping ... an absolute necessity for most getaways, which in no way requires nice weather. In fact, spending hours at local shops does nothing but waste valuable time, which is quite unfortunate.

10. And last but not least, you can always resort to the classic British approach to dealing with bad weather - complain and whine about it to anyone who is there to listen to you!