Why Swimming is good for your health, Part II


Continued from Part I

4. Swimming helps with inflammation.

While the cardiovascular benefits of swimming to strengthen the heart muscle are well known, studies show other improvements, such as reducing inflammation, which otherwise leads to accumulation of atherosclerosis in the heart.

Reducing systemic inflammation leads to a reduction in disease progression in many other areas, so expect to hear more benefits with the advancing medicine.

5. Swimming is burning a lot of calories.

Everyone knows that swimming is a great way to burn calories, but most do not realize it can be as effective as running on the treadmill. Depending on the intensity you have chosen, swimming may burn equal or even more calories than running.

Also, do not worry about sweat in the eyes. For example, for 10 minutes of swimming, you burn 60 calories with breast stroke, 80 calories with backstroke, 100 calories with freestyle, and the impressive 150 with butterfly.

For comparison, running 10 minutes burns about 100 calories. Therefore, a strong 30-minute butterfly session can burn 150 more calories than running for the same amount of time.

6. Swimming may improve asthma caused by exercise.

Nothing is more disappointing than trying to practice and not be able to take a breath. Unlike training in a closed gym with dry air or outdoors among spring pollen, swimming allows you to breathe moist air while practicing. Not only it helps you alleviate the symptoms of asthma, but studies show that swimming can actually improve the general condition of the lungs.

In a recent study, a group of children who have completed a six-week swimming program have seen improvement in symptoms, snoring, breathing through the mouth and hospitalization. These benefits are still seen one year after the end of the swimming program. People who do not have asthma also benefit because swimming increases the total volume of the lung and improves respiratory techniques.

Expect part III!