With Kids at the Pool, Part I


There is only one place where children want to spend all their summer: the pool! And while this almost always guarantees lots of fun under the sun, it does have its dangers. Keep these tips in mind for your next visit, which include more than just reminding children not to run.

Sun protection

If you apply sunscreen to your children as soon as you arrive at the pool, you may already be late for optimal protection. According to dermatologists, you should apply SPF 30, or even a higher factor, to their entire body before even wearing their swimsuit. Then apply again every two hours, and as soon as they get out of the pool.

Floaties for Arms

It is easy to rely on arm floaties so your child can play in the pool without risk, but according to pediatricians, they should never be used as a safety tool in the water. It is even recommended that you discard them. It only takes one minute, sometimes even seconds, to get out of the arms and children to slide under the water. You won't hear anything.

Dry their ears

Swimming causes the ears to get wet - that's a fact. But many parents do not know how important it is to dry their children's ears between entering the water. Ear infections (often known as "swimmer's ear") are very common in children and lead to thousands of doctor visits a year. To prevent this, tilt your child's head to remove as much water as possible after swimming, then use a towel to dry them.

Kids Playground

Although this place is full of toys and fun, there is still room for potential slips and falls. Toys that spray water often develop parasites and bacteria, and this can lead to everything from diarrhea and vomiting to rashes.

Swimming goggles

It's no harm for kids to share their glasses with each other, right? Not really. According to experts, the virus infection of the skin molluscum contagiosum can easily spread in children and one of the most common ways is by sharing personal belongings such as glasses and other water toys.

Find out the rest of the tips in Part II of this article.